Helping  Mobile App and Ecommerce Companies  increase Profits Through Data & Experimentation

Does your marketing campaign only convert 1 to 2% visitors into leads? Do these leads only rarely turn into actual clients? Do you experience customer retention issues? Then DMedia Digital is for you! We help dozens of app mobile and SaaS companies to durably increase their monthly recurring revenues with our conversion rate optimization services.

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You know Conversion Optimization would
grow your sales. BUT…

You’ve got too much on your plate already. Your team is at its limit. There’s just no possible way to build CRO into your daily workload.

You also know that dabbling in CRO testing — like running an A/B test here and there or changing a button color —
isn’t the right way to get consistent results (plus it could seriously damage your conversions).

SplitBase’s Conversion Methodology helps solve the CRO problem for premium fashion and lifestyle ecommerce companies like yours.

Find Out What CRO Could Do For Your Bottom Line
Ecommerce - SaaS: Mon Jardin​ 
Developed a responsive design trough A/B Testing . Reduced CPA &
boosted by 46% user session impression for the montreal Based company.


​​«How do we generate more leads and clients for companies like yours

We have helped several companies just like yours with their sales pages, digital marketing strategies and customer service experiences which resulted in a revenue increase for all of them.
For instance, one of our clients ( monthly revenues have been optimized to more than $50000/month  after a few  months.
We love helping mobile app and SaaS companies to implement the best possible strategies to quickly and durably grow their business processes, by optimizing their sales funnels and improving the customers experience. This approach allow us to significantly help you grow and offers you an average of 7x ROI

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 Gold's Gym ​ Mobile App
Performance audit performed with CRO Analysis
Implementation of the multi-layer conversion funnel with retargeting

Enable steady growth, increase revenue, & test smart
— all while learning more about your customers
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 Et voila  Mobile App

Increased by 3x user conversions with simplification of the commissioning process.
Improved user engagement by 50% with a redesigned user interface based on Conversion Rate Optimization.

How to Increase Your App Conversion through Analytics:

The growth and success of the app industry over recent years have been synonymous with an increase of the use of   Analytics tools &
   Convertion Rate Optimization serivices. Thanks to these tools, conversion Rate optimization specialists and owners are able to better understand how their users think and act, but also are able to gain more insight on how to improve their users’ experience and ultimately increase their revenue.


30 Experts Reveal Their most effective tools to Increase Profits with Data & Experimentation

What happens when you give a world-class chef a set of knives from the dollar store?
 He still might get an okay result, but not a great result, and definitely not consistently great results.  

Even if you have all the knowledge and skills you need to do something (say optimizing your website…), if you don’t have the right tools, your success will be limited. Experts from Toronto , newYork and montreal. Give you their best advices to Increase Profits with Data , Experimentation & conversion rate optimization services.


Why hire a PRO to boost your online presence

Given the highly competitive nature of most industries nowadays, the majority of companies now need a strong online presence in the hopes to stay competitive and ahead of their competitors. Aside from a strong social media presence, one of the pillars of online branding as companies are websites and one great thecnique to be more effective is: Conversion Rate Optimisation.


Canada: Build & Grow a Killer Mobile app

The app mobile industry is a very competitive market in which everyone is actively trying to increase their share of the market and create the next new innovative application. App developers, digital Marketing specialists &  convertion rate Optimisation experts  in Toronto and Montreal  all think they have what it takes to provide you with the best possible product. However, it is very ....